Setting your Preferences

Your default user preferences are configured when your account is created and they define how mail, address books, and compose work for you.

You can change these preference settings from the Preferences tab.  If a preference described here is not visible in your view, the preference is not available for your account.





Address Book



When you send new email, reply to, or forward an email message, one identity is always associated with the email.  This is the default identity created as the account name. You can change the "friendly" name that displays in the From field of your email messages and you can select the signature to automatically be added to your email messages.

Mail Filters

Filtering applies a set of matching rules to incoming mail and then executes a specified action. Use this tab to define mail filtering rules as described in Filtering your messages.


Keyboard shortcuts let you use the application without going to the mouse. The list shows all the existing keyboard shortcuts. Also see Keyboard Shortcut keys.